Using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette for a Week!

When I ordered the Conspiracy palette last year, I convinced myself I needed it because of all the great looks I could make with it. However, now I actually own it, I’ve been struggling a bit with making looks with it. It’s a very diverse palette and I use it often in combination with other palettes, but just using it on its own I find myself out of ideas most of the time. So, I thought I’d battle that inspiration block by giving myself a challenge: for a full work-week I’d have to create a look with this palette every single day. So that means five looks with one palette, in a short period of time. Let’s see how I pulled that off!

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Review: Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Conspiracy and Mini Controversy Palettes

Welcome back to my blog! When Shane Dawson announced his new makeup line with Jeffree Star in his docu series, I knew I had to get some of it. After the full announcement, I decided I wanted to get both eyeshadow palettes. So the day of the launch, I stressfully went on every website where I could possibly get my hands on the palettes and just hoped for the best. I am so glad I managed to snatch the palette set! After some waiting time, the set finally arrived at my house and I was able to play with both palettes. Today I’m spilling all the tea on these palettes and telling you all about them. Let’s jump on this bandwagon!

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