Video: Full Face Using Only ONE Eyeshadow Palette!

Last week I challenged myself to do an entire face of makeup, but only using one eyeshadow palette. So I had to do EVERYTHING with eyeshadow! Foundation, contour, lipstick, brows. Everything. It was a lot of fun and I even implemented another mini challenge where my boyfriend chooses the colours for my eyelook. It was a lot of fun to film, and hopefully it’s also a lot of fun to watch! Hope you enjoy!

I want to thank you for watching, and I’ll see you next time!

I Used the Morphe X James Charles Palette for a Week!

A few weeks ago I posted an article where I used the Conspiracy palette for a week (find it here). Well, I had so much fun making that post and experimenting with one palette, that I decided to do it again. This time I used the Morphe x James Charles palette. I’ve had this palette since it came out I think, and it was the palette that got me more into makeup and colourful looks. I think it’s a great palette and it’s very versatile, but I don’t grab it on the regular. So, I wanted to use it for a week straight and see what kinds of different looks I could make. I managed to make a look for every work day, including a bonus look! So, if you want to see the versatility of this palette put to use, keep on reading!

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Using the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Conspiracy Palette for a Week!

When I ordered the Conspiracy palette last year, I convinced myself I needed it because of all the great looks I could make with it. However, now I actually own it, I’ve been struggling a bit with making looks with it. It’s a very diverse palette and I use it often in combination with other palettes, but just using it on its own I find myself out of ideas most of the time. So, I thought I’d battle that inspiration block by giving myself a challenge: for a full work-week I’d have to create a look with this palette every single day. So that means five looks with one palette, in a short period of time. Let’s see how I pulled that off!

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My Instagram Followers Choose My Eye Makeup

I know this trend has passed a long while ago on YouTube, but I still always wanted to try it: the Instagram followers choose my makeup trend. I think it’s a really fun concept, because it challenges you in a creative way. I like to be challenged creatively and I come up with challenges for myself a lot, because I think they help me learn new tricks and ways. It’s just always a great learning moment, and also a fun time in general. So a few weeks ago I asked my followers to help me pick my eye makeup, and today I’m sharing the results. Let’s get into it!

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