Review: Catrice Gold Effect Nail Polish

Some of you may recall that this blog used to be a nail art blog. Yes, you read that right. It used to be all about nail polish and everything that comes with it. Since that isn’t really what my blog is about anymore, but I do still love a good nail polish, I sometimes do write about it. So for today I’m reviewing a polish from Catrice’s new Gold Effect collection. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Grafix Haunted Skull Nail Kit (Halloween)

As soon as Action had their shelves filled with Halloween stuff, I got everything that looked remotely interesting to me. I got a lot of stuff for my upcoming Halloween party, but also just stuff that I wanted to try or be creative with. One of those things was a cute nail-art kit. It’s available in different patterns and colours, but I decided to go with the Haunted Skull version. I have tested it thoroughly, and today I’m going to tell you all about this cute, little set. So let’s get into it!

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Review: Catrice ICONails


It always happens when I’m not actually looking for new makeup: I walk past the makeup isle and pick something that I am DEFINITELY looking for. Don’t judge me. This happened in the Kruidvat some time ago, and I bought this amazing looking nail polish. But is it as pretty as we’re expecting?

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Review: My favourite nailpolish


I must say, I haven’t really been into wearing nailpolish lately. I sometimes just wear a simple colour for a little while, and then nothing for a long time again. So I had that going on for a while, until I found this amazing, low-budget nailpolish.

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Review: Essence Metal Shock nailpowder


Hello everyone, today I’m back with ANOTHER review! This time I’m reviewing the Essence Metal Shock nailpowder. It may not surprise you that I bought this beauty in the Black Friday sale… But that doesn’t really matter, let’s begin!

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Review Hema longlasting nailpolish


De laatste tijd ben ik niet zo geïnteresseerd in het kopen van nagellak, omdat ik al heel veel kleuren heb. Echter toen ik door de Hema liep en deze nagellak zag, kon ik hem niet laten staan. Ik review deze nagellak kort voor jullie.

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Essence The Pastels Reviews – deel 2


Hoi allemaal!

Vorige week zaterdag  heb ik een artikel online gezet met daarin een review van één van de twee Essence lakjes die ik gekocht had. Vandaag geef ik jullie een review over de andere! Heb je deel 1 gemist en wil je die ook graag lezen? Klik dan hier. Laten we nu snel verder gaan naar de review!

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