Review: Essence x Pac-Man Blush Palette and Eyeshadow Palette

Who doesn’t love the iconic yellow circle with its never-ending hunger? That’s why, when I heard Essence had released a collection in collaboration with Pac-Man, I ran to the store immediately. I just had to have at least one of the products. After a quick inner debate, I decided to get the blush palette and de eyeshadow palette. Today I’ll tell you exactly what I think of these products. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Grafix Haunted Skull Nail Kit (Halloween)

As soon as Action had their shelves filled with Halloween stuff, I got everything that looked remotely interesting to me. I got a lot of stuff for my upcoming Halloween party, but also just stuff that I wanted to try or be creative with. One of those things was a cute nail-art kit. It’s available in different patterns and colours, but I decided to go with the Haunted Skull version. I have tested it thoroughly, and today I’m going to tell you all about this cute, little set. So let’s get into it!

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Short Movie Reviews – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Yesterday, The Matrix, Glass

This year my boyfriend and I decided to get cinema subscriptions, so we could see more movies in the cinema. Since this allows me to watch a lot of movies, and also since I have a lot of opinions, I thought it would be fun to write some short reviews once in a while. I already did this in the beginning of the year, and I thought today was the right time to do another one of these posts. Today I’m discussing Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Yesterday, The Matrix, and Glass. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Biovène NextLash Plus+ Lash Treatment

A little while ago I wrote a review of a few fun skincare products by Biovène. This time, they sent me a new lash treatment to try out. I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks, so I thought it would be fun to write a little review about it. So if you’re curious about this new lash treatment, definitely keep reading!

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Small Action Beauty Haul with Reviews

One thing I love to do is to go to the Action and just pick some new beauty items that I can try out. The Action is perfect for this, because they have a mix of things that are amazing, and things that are less amazing, and the items are always cheap. Perfect to try out some new products. The last time I went, I bought a few new beauty items and today I’m reviewing them all. So if you love short reviews and budget-proof beauty products, keep reading!

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Review: Revolution Re-Loaded Palette in Velvet Rose

I was in the store recently with my mum, looking for a new concealer, when I thought to myself: ‘I really need an eyeshadow palette with some neutral, basic shades.’ That’s when my eye fell on the Revolution Re-Loaded palettes. They have a couple different kinds of colour combinations, so I spent a little while thinking about which palette I wanted. Eventually I picked the Velvet Rose palette, because I loved the golden shades in it. Let’s see if it’s any good.

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Review: Jessie Paege x Tarte Palette


A couple of weeks ago a YouTuber who I enjoy watching, Jessie Paege, released her own eyeshadow palette. Since Jessie is very active in the LGBTQ+ community, she designed an adorable rainbow palette, of which a part of the profit goes to the Trevor Project. Because I wanted to support one of my favourite creators and of course a good cause, I just had to buy this palette. Also: it’s rainbow. I’ve had it for a little while now and I just feel like I have to write a bit about it. So today I’m reviewing the Jessie Paege x Tarte eyeshadow palette.

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