Review: ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber

Skincare is one of the most important parts of my routine, even more important than make-up. Skincare always goes first, because if your skin is not doing good, it will like your make-up even less. So, I like spending time taking care of my skin. Every morning and evening I apply my favourite products, and a few times a week I do just that little bit extra to really help my skin. Sometimes I like to use tools for that. Today I’ll be telling you about such a tool: the ANLAN Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber. It’s a scrubbing device with four settings, which can help clean your skin and rejuvenate it. Want to know more? Then keep reading!

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Review: TOUCHBeauty Ultrasonic Scrub Device

When I was asked by TOUCHBeauty if I wanted to review their new Ultrasonic Scrub Device, I immediately said yes. Trying out a fun, new skincare tool? I’m always up for that! Especially since I have a lot of clogged pores in my T-zone, and I can definitely use something to help get rid of those. So, they sent me their Scrub Device, and I’ve tried it out a few times now. Today I’ll tell you all about it!

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Review: Miniso Silicone Facial Cleaner

Last week I was nosing around in a new store in Eindhoven called Miniso. It’s one of those stores where you just walk around and you want to put literally everything in your basket. Everything is just so cute! And they have so many different kinds of things. From kitchen stuff, to pillows, to beauty tools. Of course I had to take one of those beauty tools home, especially since they’re so affordable. I chose their Silicone Facial Cleaner with sonic vibrations. I have been curious about these kinds of cleaners for a while now, so it was nice to find them in such an affordable store. If you’re just as curious about what these things do and if they are any good, definitely keep reading!

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Review: Eliza Jones Super Booster Brightening Serum with Vitamin C

Three months ago I started using the Eliza Jones Brightening Super Booster serum, and I’ve gone through one container of it now. So, I thought it was time to tell you guys about this product as well, since it’s such a staple in my skincare routine. I used this product once a day for three months, so what exactly did it do for my skin? And since this also has vitamin C in it, is it a good, low-budget vitamin C serum? If you want answers to these questions, don’t be afraid to keep reading!

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Review: HEMA Reusable Make-up Removing Cloths

I was doing some casual online shopping at HEMA (when am I not?) and I ran into these reusable make-up wipes. I’ve been looking to get something like this for a while now, but everything similar seems to be so expensive. Except for these ones. So when I saw them I immediately added them to my order and paid for them. I was so curious to see if something like this actually worked! Make-up cloths which only need water to remove make-up? It just sounds too good to be true, especially for this price. Let’s see if the myths are actually true!

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DIY: How to Make a Lemon Sugar Lip Scrub (Vegan)

Lately I’ve really been upping my skincare game. I’ve created a full on morning and night routine, and it has done wonders for my skin. The only thing that was really missing, was a lipscrub. I have permanently dry lips and it annoys me a lot, since I can’t wear most lip products. It just looks weird or feels uncomfortable. So, I wanted to start using a lip scrub so I can prepare my lips a bit more for when I’m wearing lipstick. However, I’m a very budget-driven person. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on beauty products, and a lot of lip scrubs are more on the high end. So why not make one myself? I curated a very simple lip scrub recipe with only three ingredients. It’s easy to make, it tastes great, and it exfoliates my lips as well. What else do you want? Let’s get into making this lemon sugar lip scrub!

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I Changed My Entire Skincare Routine and This Is What Happened…

About two months ago I was strolling around HEMA looking through their new skincare lines, and I decided it was time to change up my skincare routine. I’ve been using only two or three products for the past year and before that I didn’t really do any skincare. I’m not really sure how my face survived all that makeup without a little bit of love, but somehow it did. However, I decided it was time for a change. I browsed the HEMA in search of the best products for (what I assume is) my skintype. I also added some things over time. Now I’ve been testing this new regime for about two months, a pretty decent trial period, I decided it was time to tell you about my skin journey. I’m first going to take you through my morning skin routine and then my nighttime skin routine. Afterwards I will show you the two-month result. Let’s get into it!

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Review: Biovène NextLash Plus+ Lash Treatment

A little while ago I wrote a review of a few fun skincare products by Biovène. This time, they sent me a new lash treatment to try out. I’ve been using it for the past couple of weeks, so I thought it would be fun to write a little review about it. So if you’re curious about this new lash treatment, definitely keep reading!

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Review: Biovène Skin Care


It’s been a little while since my last article. The past two months have been filled with uni work, so I barely had time to work on my blog. But now I have two full months of summer vacation and lots of ideas, so I’m gonna write posts like crazy! First up is a review of these lovely skincare products by Biovène. They were kind enough to send me these products so I could try them out. Keep reading if you want to know all the details.

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Review: Charcoal Peel-Off Mask


I was walking around the Action (to be fair, when am I not), looking for some things I didn’t need, when I stumbled across this face mask. Suddenly, I needed it. So it went home with me. I just couldn’t contain my curiosity of how a charcoal peel off mask would look. So I decided to try it out and let you guys know what I think about it. Please continue reading if you want to find out.

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