Greenwashing: What Is It and How Do I Spot It?

In this day and age, a lot of people want to better the environment with everything they do. One thing I have learned is that your money is very important. You use your money to vote for the brands that you care about. So people start looking for brands that fit their mindset, and that’s exactly where big brands find their money: by greenwashing. But what exactly is greenwashing, and why is it so bad? And are there ways to notice when a company is greenwashing? I lay it all out in this blogpost. Let’s get into it!

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9 Small Lifestyle Changes to Make to Live a More Sustainable Life

In the current day and age we all need to change our lifes a tiny bit to help the environment out. There’s so much that needs to change which we don’t have any say in, but we can all do our bit and help out by making our own little changes. And no, you don’t need to change your life drastically and start living like a hermit without electricity or anything like that. Every tiny change can help the earth, so today I made a list of small changes you can make to live more sustainably. If you are ready to start helping the environment, keep on reading!

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