Tutorial: All Brown Makeup Look


Today I’m back with another makeup tutorial! If you read the ‘What I would wear to Coachella if I would go’ post, then you have probably seen this look already. It consists of only brown shades, and that’s what I love about it. I really like brown, because it accentuates my eye colour very well. If you want to know how I created this all brown makeup look, keep on reading.

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Tropical Bird Makeup Tutorial

IMG_4600 (1)

This week I felt like playing with my makeup, and I found this really cool eyepencil lying around. But what do you do with a metallic blue eyepencil? I just had fun with it and tried some thing out, until I ended up with this really cool look. The colours remind me of a kingfisher. Of course this is not really a tropical bird, but it’s definitely a tropicalΒ looking bird. Well, enough of my chitchat. If you want to see how I achieved this fun look, keep on reading!

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Recreating My Old Makeup Look: Smokey eye, or is it?



A long, long time ago I uploaded a makeup tutorial called ‘Smokey eye, or is it?’ (Dutch: Smokey eye, of toch niet?). Since I have gotten a lot better at doing makeup since then, I thought it would be fun to recreate this look. So I tried this look again using a different technique, my new skills, and my current makeup. In this article I’ll give you an entirely updated version of this fun little look. Let’s get into it.

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Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial


Yesterday I had this fun lightbulb moment. I’ve been having a lot of creative insights lately, so I suddenly had a great idea for a Valentine’s day inspired makeup look. So I tried it out. Because the idea was good, but let’s just see what the execution looks like. So today I’ll show you what my great idea looks like when it’s actually on my face and I’ll show you how to do it yourself. Let’s go!

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Mad Hatter Inspired Glam Makeup Tutorial


We probably all know, and love, the crazy charactar from Alice in Wonderland: the Mad Hatter. In the live-action movies his character design is amazing. The details of his outfit and makeup are downright beautiful and it fits the character so well. I always wanted to do my makeup like this version of Hatter, but I never got around to do it and I kind of forgot about it. Until this week, when I watched Glam&Gore’s latest YouTube video in which she tries to do Mad Hatter sfx makeup in thirty minutes. It really brought back the idea of dressing up as Hatter, but then put my own twist to it. So today I bring you: Mad Hatter, but call it glam!

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Pinterest try-outs: Christmas makeup!


Last year I did a Pinterest Try-outs episode where I tried to decorate christmas cupcakes following a Pinterest tutorial. This year, I thought I’d switch things up a tiny bit. I found a couple cool Christmas makeup looks on the site, but without a tutorial. So I decided I’d try to recreate these looks just from picture, and try to make my own little tutorial out of it. Please read along if you want to know how bad I did, haha!

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It’s A Christmas Miracle #2: Kerst ooglook Sparkling dark


Met de kerst is het het leukst om helemaal opgedoft naar je Christmasparty te gaan. Trek een mooi jurkje aan, krul je haar, doe je make-up. Zo werkt het tenminste voor mij. Het is alleen elk jaar een hele klus om een mooie, maar ook feestelijke, ooglook te bedenken. Vandaag laat ik jullie een simpele ooglook zien, die je helemaal naar eigen wensen kunt aanpassen, en ik geef je tips om een simpele ooglook helemaal sparkly te maken voor de kerst. Kijk je mee?

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