Video: How to: Glowy Base on a Budget! | Affordable and Cruelty-Free Make-up

It’s a raging trend on TikTok and Instagram right now to have the glowiest, shiniest base make-up on your face. Who doesn’t recognize the little tutorials filmed in direct sunlight with a shiny filter on top of them? Well, I was really interested in this new trend and I decided to try it out. I managed to create a glowy base, without having to buy a lot of expensive products. All the products I used were already in my stash, plus they’re all super affordable and cruelty-free! In this video I show you how I create such a glowy base for almost no money, and I give some tips on how to use your own products for such a base. I hope you enjoy!

I want to thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!

Tutorial: Spring Inspired Floral Eyelook

Lately I’ve been in such a good mood because of the nice weather, and I really felt like portraying that in a makeup look. So I made a look with my favourite colour: yellow. I wanted it to be a happy and adorable looking “piece of art”. So I grabbed my makeup and my face paints and I started drawing flowers on my eyes. Want to see how I did that? Then definitely keep on reading!

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Tutorial: Pastel Dream EyeLook

I’ve really been trying to not buy new eyeshadow palettes lately, and that has been going pretty well. I just feel like I already have enough eyeshadows and I can play with what I have, so I just don’t need anything new, how fun it may be. Also, I’m trying to save some money, so buying makeup does not fit into that picture, haha. I’ve managed not to buy anything new lately, but when Morphe came out with their pastel palette, it was a bit tough for me, because I just love pastels. So, to convince myself I didn’t need that palette, I decided to create a pastel eyelook with all the eyeshadows I already have! Today I’m showing you how I did that and which shadows I used, and maybe inspire you to do the same kind of thing. Let’s get into it!

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Tutorial: Colourful Eyelook Using the Revolution Reloaded Passion for Colour Palette

Since finals are finally over and I had some time off, I finally had some time to actually play with makeup again. Last black friday I got the Revolution Reloaded Passion for Colour palette, among other things, but I haven’t used it until now. It’s a palette filled with fun shimmery colours, but on its own it can be a tough palette to create a look with. So I challenged myself and created a look with just this palette. And today I’m showing you how I did this, to hopefully inspire you and help you with creating looks with this palette or your own challenging palettes. Let’s get into it!

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Tutorial: Five Fun Makeup Looks for Christmas

Since it’s almost Christmas, I thought it would be a great idea to share some makeup ideas for you to wear to your Christmas parties. I have created five fun looks, ranging from simple Christmas glam to editorial ideas. So if you still need to figure out how you’re gonna do your makeup this Christmas, keep on reading!

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Four Quick and Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Maybe you’ve been invited to a Halloween party last minute and you don’t have time to find a costume, or you just want to go to school or work all glammed up and in theme for Halloween. Whatever your situation is, sometimes a simple makeup look is all you need. So today I’m sharing some tips and ideas for easy Halloween makeup.

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Tutorial: Coraline Inspired Makeup Look

And I’m back with another makeup tutorial. Today we’re doing a bit more cosplay-style, inspired by one of my favourite animated movies: Coraline. It’s a really trippy movie, but it’s just amazing. Today I’m doing my own take on the main character Coraline. Let’s get into it!

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Tutorial: Black and Pink Graphic Liner Makeup Look

I love messing around with some makeup, and some time ago I was experimenting with my new bright pink eyeliner. So I thought it would be fun to create a full eyelook with it. And this is the result. Today I’ll guide you through my steps, so you might be able to recreate it or get some inspiration from it. Let’s get into it!

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Tutorial: Bedazzled Joker Makeup Look

Since a new Joker just debuted on the big screen, and it’s almost Halloween time, I just needed to recreate this new Joker look. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a lot of people do this new look already. So, I wanted to do something a little different and give my own twist to it. So, watch me transform in a very bling-bling Joker in this post and follow along with my tutorial. Let’s go!

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Tutorial: Mother Aughra (The Dark Crystal) Inspired Makeup Look

I had never seen the original The Dark Crystal movie before, but I had heard that it was amazing. So when I saw that there was now a prequel series on Netflix, I decided it was finally time to watch the movie and the series. And I fell in love. The original movie is lovely, and the series is a great prequel to it. It answers all the questions you might have had in the movie. One of my favourite characters is definitely mother Aughra. And after binging the entire show, I felt really inspired to do a look inspired by her. So I did that. Let’s get into it!

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